Ashleigh Harley

-BAFTA Breakthrough 2021-

My name is Ashleigh Harley, and when I was 12 years old I was no longer allowed to attend school because of my disability. It was that day when I landed up paralysed in my hospital bed, having lost my friends, family and future to the life-threatening genetic tissue disorder Ehlers Danlos Syndrome that filmmaking saved me.

In the throws of a life hooked up to an IV machine an epic adventure reached out and taught me to keep fighting, even if it hurt. It reached out and offered in its hands a world giving the unrepresented hope for a future. A voice. An adventure that teaches those who suffer that they are valuable members of the human race.

As a paralysed 12 year old little girl, film taught this one simple thing:

A problem is FULL of potential. 

This is the one iota of truth in our world.

I believe truly in my heart that The Dark Horse story is here for a reason, a purpose to liberate the teens living in hospital like how I did, so that they know that they have a value in this world. I am currently working with an Oscar winning team on this film.

Please scroll below for trailers and scenes from my movies, music and references from the Oscar winning producer of The Dark Horse.

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The Dark Horse - Movie Trailer

When a disabled girl is diagnosed with an incurable illness nobody can see, she fights against the perceptions of disability to get her sport recognized at the World Paralympic Games.


CHRIS OVERTON, Oscar® winning director


When an ancient theocracy exercises supreme political control over early mankind, intrepid siblings Fenri and Cassini break out to discover the truth. Multi-award winning prelude based on the timeline based on my first novel The Messenger.

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The unreleased songs from The Dark Horse are below.