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The Wall of Lyon

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Lost to time, an ancient and mysterious fable interwoven from the heroic and sacred texts of the ancient world.The Wall of Lyon, combines reality and fantasy in the first of the epic series spanning, time, history and space itself in this grand four part cyclical fantasy drama.

The reality of two lives torn apart; The Wall of Lyon considers both fantasy and brutal reality; forcing its audience to choose between the two as it all unfolds upon the continent of Lyon.

The main character, Cassini; who believes herself to be an exiled half-human having descended from a mythical species named “The Fallen” has been rejected by all those around her. Outcast and alone, she increasingly loses her ability to control the episodic black outs, voices and visual disturbances that haunt her; she steadily falls into torment and oblivion.

Feared by many and abhorred by more she is caught asunder in afflictions that are not hers. With but one to defend her and backs turned, reality soon alters.



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Watch this unique behind the world series ‘The Encyclopedia of Lyon’, and get a glimpse into the mystical universe behind The Wall of Lyon.

 In this five part series, explore the vast world of an ancient civilisation, glimpse into another’s life, feel through another’s heart; and go on a journey like none other. Get ready. It’s about to begin.


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