Discover Ashleigh

Ashleigh Harley is an award winning young visionary, known for her pioneering artistic works in Literature, Films and Music with her debut fantasy saga; The Wall of Lyon.

Ashleigh’s exciting career began at the young age of 12, writing and crafting the first instalment to her epic works, the series which later became known as The Messenger Cycle; a unique, blockbuster action series expanding, time, space and all of human history. The Wall of Lyon is the first set for release.

To help her craft her unique fantasy world and understand the different disciplines involved in telling stories across all media Ashleigh has spent years not just writing and composing music, but made it her business to jump in at the deep end and experience key roles in the film and music industry. To do that she’s acted on shorts and feature films, mixed music at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios, danced on a TV show and worked as an Intern at the BBC. And whilst doing all this Ashleigh’s received a BAFTA Mentorship and graduated from a much sought-after National Film and Television School residential course. Ashleigh’s first pop song ‘JUDGE ME‘ has also been featured on BBC airwaves. 

Even though The Wall of Lyon has only recently been released in short film form it is receiving a rapturous reception among the tens of thousands of people that have watched it so far. Along with the awards she’s winning such as ‘Best Music’ and ‘Best Fantasy’ at various film festivals, Ashleigh is also gaining a loyal army of new fans every day.

Ashleigh Harley’s debut single ‘Judge Me‘ is set to be released on the 18th February 2018. Additionally Ashleigh will be seeking literary representation for The Wall of Lyon novel.

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