What Lies Beyond

The Wall of Lyon

(Short: 16 minutes)

The Wall of Lyon – Trailer

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Posted by The Wall of Lyon on Friday, 12 May 2017


Based on The Wall of Lyon novel;  discover Ashleigh’s prelude to the fantasy epic.

“Divided from the truth by ancient, towering walls, and abused by the reign of an outdated society; outlandish fantasist ‘CASSINI’ seeks asylum in an unknown world.”

Allegorical fantasy drama from debut writer and director Ashleigh Harley, ‘The Wall of Lyon’ considers the divisions of society and our discernment of belief – when ultimately all our lives are only ever governed by our own convictions.


In a place of no redemption, where nothing is absolute and absolution cannot be gained, lawless pariah (CASSINI) feels she does not belong in an overtly repressive world.

With violence and rumour shattering much of her life, she has come to believe the myths about her; and now thinks herself to be the sole survivor of a divine legend feared and known as ‘The Fallen’. Se

Upon one fateful evening after an arduous dispute with her estranged brother (FENRI), she encounters a terrorsome beast (BEHEMOTH).

In a fit of her own amnesia she is driven from the dark, and further toward the answers she seeks – but at a great unforeseen price, and with greater unforeseen disloyalty. Seeking out her kindred she stumbles upon yet greater barriers, and larger obstacles than ever first realised.

In a moment of blind faith, and misplaced loyalties CASSINI and FENRI’s fates are twisted awry and forever against one another. Will CASSINI make it beyond The Walls? Or will she fall victim to the darkness surrounding her? For what lies beyond the walls; turns even man against himself.

Uncover The Journey

Behind The Scenes

Writer, Director, Producer Ashleigh led a team of over sixty industry professionals to bring The Wall of Lyon, from concept to creation. In her directorial debut, Ashleigh wrote the music, edited, voiced the character ‘Behemoth’,designed and animated all VFX and fantasy creatures, location scouted and much, much more! Get a glimpse in to the journey two years in to the making…

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Since hitting the festival circuit in 2017 The Wall of Lyon has gone on to win awards for Best Fantasy with the London Short Film Festival, Best Music at Romford Independent International Festival, Nominated Best Director at the Top Shorts Festival, invited and selected for the Ignite 2017 Showcase with Sundance and selected in the Top Ten of The Film Empire Hollywood Mentorship. The Wall of Lyon has also received over 7 nominations for LA Film Fest 2018, ranging from Best Director to Best Actor!  In addition The Wall of Lyon has gone on to gain various critical claim and has been given a consistent 9.5 out of 10 stars!