Ashleigh’s debut pop single ‘JUDGE ME’ is here and it’s wild!! The first on The Wall of Lyon album find it available in all the major digital stores now, check out the music video!


Bursting on to the pop and fantasy film scene with a real buzz, ‘JUDGE ME’ uses a unique mixture of pop, dance, world and electronic genres including a heavy Metallica style solo at the end on an Ibanez guitar from Ashleigh herself.

Featuring a catchy melody, Ashleigh’s eery vocals and a subtle but mind bending baseline accompanied with thrashing tribal drums, the track reflects the thought provoking and fast moving plot of Ashleigh’s film. Using the ‘JUDGE ME‘ theme to indicate the theme of the fantasy series, the lyrics ‘Hate me, fake me, you can never break me’ refer to the theme of oppression, a theme lots of people from every walk of life will be able to relate to. 

JUDGE ME is now available on iTunes, Spotify and Google Play, we hope you’ll join Ashleigh from the very beginning!

Get it from iTunes here and Google Play here.