Ashleigh on BBC News

With her blonde hair, youthful complexion and brown eyes, Ashleigh Harley looks every inch the model, social media influencer and budding writer and film-maker. Read the interview here…


Nina Das Gupta interviews Ashleigh on her film and musical achievements with ‘The Wall of Lyon’ & ‘Judge Me’ 

Presented on the Malcolm Boyden Show 13/04/2018


Elin Haf Edwards interviews Ashleigh Harley and Stephen Lurvey about their work on the film set of ‘The Wall of Lyon’.


Consort: Interview With Ashleigh Harley

By Vivienne Sharman- Lewis 

Ashleigh Harley is an award winning young female Writer, Filmmaker and Musical Artist known for her dark fantasy series; The Wall of Lyon…. Read the interview here.


The Fan Carpet: Building An Ambitious World, A Conversation With Ashleigh Harley

The Fan Carpet Chats To… 

Ashleigh Harley is an award winning young Writer, Filmmaker and Musical Artist best known for her work with ‘The Wall of Lyon’ a new and exciting fantasy series for films, books and music. Read the interview here.


MilliOnAir: Asheligh Harley

Ashleigh is an exceptional young lady…. read the full story here. 


Essentially Pop

Ashleigh Harley’s recent release, ‘Judge Me’ aims to raise awareness for ‘Wall Of Lyon’, her fantasy film, book and music trilogy. Ashleigh is a talented musician who’s making waves in the pop music and fantasy film scene. Read the full feature here.


IndiePulse Music

Ashleigh Harley New Single ‘Judge Me’ has landed and it is wild! Read the music feature here.


Equestrian Interview

Ashleigh talks to Horse & Hound about her movie ‘The Dark Horse’, read the article on page 8 here!