The Continent of Lyon

“The Continent of Lyon is the most fundamental continent of a large super-continent named Anaia, due to being the only place in which the people of ‘The Wall of Lyon’ know to exist, it is believed to be all there is. Protected by towering walls high in the mountains Lyon’s citizens have never seen these lofty enclosures, thus all they have is their intense beliefs and convictions.”

The Continent of Lyon Regions

Through the history of Lyon it has split in to seven regions, of which all span from its centre of Qüadal. Where it is said man first resided. Having migrated East, West, North and South in further search of supplies for survival the original civilization huddled within the tight bounds of Qüadal eventually spread to the outer regions of Lyon and thus we see it in its current standing. Lyon plays host to much diversity in it’s  culture, environment and people. These regions being; Qüadal, Kard, Alesi, Lia, Clearedge Coast, Ail and lastly Eldon. Many stories and myth shroud the forests and wilderness around each of the settlements, naturally many legends have spurn from each and thus beliefs have been adapted somewhat to suit the opinions of the inhabitants.



Famed as the capital of Eldon, Qüadal plays host to The Jarð, the rulers of Lyon.  Legends acclaims it as the first settlement of man behind the walls, and it has long been said an old beaten path still leading from the city leads into the mountains and unto the spectacular sights of The Walls. Though legends tells that this path is guarded by beasts and death falls upon all those who find it; naturally no path has been found. It is of all the settlements the closest to the walls, thus claims of its origination hold some credence. Qüadal is by far the largest city, possessing a large walls, abundant riches, and numerous outer villages and towns across its perimeter. No other settlement has managed to sustain this level of wealth.


Being the second settlement in which was reached by the people of Qüadal there are areas of Qüadal that could be considered areas of Kard due to overlap, due to this the two cultures are exceptionally similar. It is considered (along with Lia) to be the most peaceful of the settlements. Primarily known as a fairly spanned out town, numerous small villages are dotted around in the region thus it is known and viewed as the most desired area to live (despite having some of the smallest religious acclaim). However in spite of the lack of legendary activity, in recent times it has played claim to numerous disturbances of disturbing shrieks and disappearances; thus intrigue has attracted more to its door.


The smallest settlement and by far the most grueling; criminals sent to trial and enduring punishment are often sent to enslavement here. A tough living and endless tribulation, there is much conflict. Almost solely inhabited and run by a group of the military it has become a place of training for those inducted into the order. Scarce on food and dense volumes of salt water on the borders, it is easy to perish here without the relevant survival skills. Fables of culling’s and influences from The Fallen dot the perimeters of hunting grounds towards Clearedge and the Western side of Kard; many slavers and guardsmen have fallen to their deaths on such outings. It is the only location in all of Lyon where law is passed for the capture and breeding of animals in the name of hunting; such as wolves, horses, ravens and Equroapods; a breed unique to Alesi.


Serene and peaceful it is enriched with the abundance of wildlife and animals; all of which are almost all exclusive to Lia itself. Protected as a sacred ground it is revered as a divine land. Visited by The Jarð upon every eclipse of the sun to acknowledge the ‘great dying’, exclusive to Lia, of which all plant life perish. It is an ancient reserve, carefully managed to ensure upon each life cycle between the ‘great dying’ that no new species are introduced into the natural balance of its environment. It is small, only featuring a minimal selection of homely villages dotted in close quarters to one another, there is a strong sense of camaraderie here and much of its inhabitants are greatly concerned with the well being of their fellows and home. Anyone found trespassing or passing through without permission is tracked and hunted by the military; immediately considered to be an outlaw and thus facing severe consequences. Obtaining permission to pass through can be almost unattainable thus there is a strong sense of ‘them and us’ mentality forming between those living beyond the borders in the regions of Ail and Eldon.

Clearedge Coast

Potentially one of the least desirable places to live in all of Lyon, it is both stricken with poverty, subjected to immense pressures by the hand and rule of the military (implement by The Jarð) and most prominently beaten down by legends of what it overlooks; the Isle of Daeva. Many call it a cursed settlement as much disease and misfortune strike those who reside here, it is rare indeed to live into adulthood and many die through sickness. Those born there are forbidden from leaving and are convicted to live life without aspirations of escape. Much suspicion surrounds the coast for it overlooks the islands that are said to be the entrance to the home of The Fallen; a species of  condemned creatures apart of their belief system. Many claim to have witnessed creatures in the seas and flying the skies. Others claim that they have witnessed missing persons dragged by beast to the shrouded island. Though accounts have never been proven.

Isle of Daeva

Alleged as the entrance to a subterranean world of The Fallen, it is an island of mystery. Nothing is known of its existence.


Situated beside the borders of Lia the villages of Ail are a suspicious place, they do not take kindly to strangers nor anyone who is not a member of their closely knit society thus anyone travelling through Ail is understandable wary. Conflicts often break out among the people and military for getting to close to Lia’s borders and often trespassing them. This is due to the presence of the Blight Valley and virus that is steadily growing throughout the region, there is a large element of fear of it thus villagers attempt to stay as far away as possible from it due to its unknown effects; plus it greatly restricts the hunting capabilities of the region. There is much political unrest throughout Ail and many covert groups attempt rebellion on a regular basis.

Blight Valley

A large valley spanning through the Eastern edges of Ail towards Eldon harbors a dangerous plant and animal disease named the Blight Virus; a known man killer. Huge deposits of steam cause visibility issues through all seasons as both plant and animal bodies ferment and are devoured by the virus. It is unknown how it began, where it came from or why; only one correlation ties in and that is the birth of Cassini and Fenri of whom are immune to it.


The newest of all the official settlements but it’s date goes back as far as Qüadal; Eldon was once a place of the outlawed, condemned and criminal minded. All of whom who had escaped the clutches of trial and judgement of the courts. Strong revolt had always been prized among them, thus the escaped formed allegiance with the intentions to rise against The Jarð. Gradually over time The Jarð became aware of their presence due to numerous threats and action was taken, thus an outpost of the military was situated on their doorstep. The rebels contended for their freedom but it was lost and their lives were spared; now their descendants live in an oppressed environment with the tight watch of the military. Though unusually one of the highest intakes of military members is through Eldon itself. Small due to the demanding nature of the life they live, the people are revered as tough survivors and people of wit and charm despite living in rags. They are despite in many situations looked down upon, widely respected. Surrounded by dense woodland it features many unusual creatures, of which have become exclusive to Eldon due to being cut off from the presence of the Blight Valley.  Eldon is by nature a more brutal place than other areas of Lyon, thus to restrain this the military is forced to rely on supplies supplemented from Ail and Lia of which at times are hard to obtain. Great upheaval has come to Eldon of late which equally has truly made it a part of Lyon’s map and this was the birth of Cassini and Fenri, with no evidence of a father it is believed they are the descendants of The Fallen. To appeal for their ancestors mistakes of rebelling against The Jarð, the people of Eldon ensure no harm come to them.