Virtual Music Event – 7th June 2020


“A song for the people, sung by the people.”

Sick girl sings about social distancing

I wrote this song Worlds Apart about the world we are living in.Everyone on the planet is separated by social distancing caused by Covid-19. For years, my illness had separated me from any remnants of a normal life. It took away all that is taking from the world right now: friendship, education, freedom, and health. It took the ability to eat from me, to breath and often to walk.For years I watched the world from behind the divide of a transparent pane of glass, unable to go outside because of my illness. I could see all that I wanted. But I couldn’t have it.And now every person on the planet is seperated in exactly the same way.So I wrote this song to help get you through. Because this is perhaps the only thing of value I may ever be able to give you.Just as negative electrons bind atoms into the world around us, and as steel is strengthened through fire, it is our adversity in life that connects us as a humanity.Now more so than ever, we are connected by what keeps us apart.Our problems.And that’s what this song is about. Two people, from two very different worlds separated but also united by the problem we're all facing in the world.Whether you miss your loved ones, whether your dreams have been stamped upon, whether you don’t have enough food, enough money, no friends, or there’s no place for you to go, if you’re hurting:I wrote this for you.You may never hear it, and if you do, it may not be your cup of tea. But I sung it from the heart with all the breath I’ve got left in my lungs to let you know that, whatever pain you have in your life right now, you will be ok.And we will all be ok.Thank you to everybody for your lovely messages, my breathing seems to be stabilising now so fingers crossed this time it’s for real! All of you rock, and from my family and me, we love you all. 💖Lyrics 😊🎵VERSE 1I wish that I could be something more for just a day,When people judge my pain that don’t go I’m,Worlds away from who I want to be, when he saidCome a little closer, right next to me,He said,So much of your life’s still worth livingBut what have you got that’s worth giving?I got breath in my lungs,I'm starving and doneWell, thenYou’ve nothingLeft to lose!CHORUSHe said,Where’s your faith?Rest it in your heartRest it in your hopes and stay true to youI said,Where’s the faith?Resting on my heartResting on my hopes of coming back to youWe liveWorlds apartBut I’m so glad that I met youBut we'reWorlds apartIt's real sad buts it's so trueWhen we're,Worlds apartAnd the cure will come too if we just try and stayWorlds Apart❤

Posted by Ashleigh Harley on Friday, 15 May 2020

After a 50% drop in lung function I aspired to use the most precious thing in my life, the breathe in my lungs, to try give something of value to the world amidst the Covid-19 pandemic in the form of a song called ‘Worlds Apart’.

Messages from people across all corner of the globe came flooding in, the resounding feedback I received from you was you wanted to sing the song with me, because we all are now isolated by the social distancing Covid-19 has caused.  And I knew we had to make this a reality. 

I am organizing and filming for inclusion in The Dark Horse movie an online virtual concert to take place on the 7th June to bring people from all corners of world together via Zoom, so we can sing the song together, and remind each other that though we are living in an unprecedented pandemic, we are never alone.

We still have each other. 

So let’s come together on the 7th June 2020 in this unprecedented pandemic, and sing together whilst we all stay ‘Worlds Apart’.

On the 7th June 2020 people!

Sign up above and I’ll see you there!